How It All Started: The Haul Story From Mike

Just like most Americans, Michael “Mike” Green was working a full-time job, but was still finding it hard to make ends meet. At some point, it got so financially straining that Mike began using his own pickup truck to earn extra money by helping family and friends.

He began hauling junk to the city landfills, moving furniture, picking up and delivering store-purchased appliances, and assisting with clearing out storage units, old barns, garages, and foreclosed properties, just to name a few.

If it fit in his truck, Mike would haul it, move it, deliver it, or junk it. Once word of mouth traveled through family and friends, his weekends were quickly filled with requests for his services.

One Tuesday night, with a table full of bills to take care of, Mike knew. It was time for Mike-Ah-Haul-It LLC to be born.

Consider It Done

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